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YouneeqAI Embedded Empowers Independent Software Vendors

Leverage the Power of YouneeqAI

YouneeqAI’s scalable, cookieless AI personalization platform seamlessly integrates with various CMSs, e-commerce, and publishing platforms. Our robust, cross-cloud data pipeline for complex analytics, and overlay technology allows for swift inclusion of YouneeqAI features in any software platform.

Our product YouneeqAI Embedded is a fast and efficient solution for software vendors to integrate AI-based personalization with their content or eCommerce software, through a simple technology overlay or dedicated tech stack, as well as customizable functionality. YouneeqAI will manage the AI-personalization technology and updates, as well as enhance platform user interface to offer personalized experiences and reporting.

YouneeqAI AI-Driven Personalization

Build and Partner with YouneeqAI

YouneeqAI is an AI-driven platform that boosts personalization and recommendations for diverse industries including e-commerce, content marketing, and digital publishing, enhancing customer experiences.

With YouneeqAI Embedded, this SaaS solution extends to platforms needing AI-enhanced personalization, recommendations, and personalized site searches. Instead of spending resources on building an in-house AI solution, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can leverage the proven features of YouneeqAI. Youneeq AI Embedded has also been integrated with multiple content (CMS) and digital publishing platforms.

Partnering with YouneeqAI allows swift implementation of a proven, private label personalization solution within your own ecosystem. YouneeqAI empowers your business with advanced personalization, driving revenue and engagement while maintaining data privacy compliance.

Where YouneeqAI Embedded Can Add Value

  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Web Content Management Systems (CMS and WCMS)
  • Agencies
  • Digital Publishing
  • In-store Kiosks
  • Membership Management Platforms
  • Customer Service & Customer Success

YouneeqAI provides scalable real-time analytics and content personalization. It effortlessly integrates with platforms like Google’s Big Table and Amazon’s DynamoDB, while our API-first approach ensures consistent, reusable solutions.


Accelerate your sales with YouneeqAI’s cookieless compliant real-time recommendations. Our scalable data pipeline integrates seamlessly with your database, saving development time and eliminating potential sales loss.


YouneeqAI is a turnkey solution for ISVs transitioning to a cookieless environment. Our AI leverages a unique dataset to deliver personalized customer experiences, resulting in increased engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Feature Highlights

AI-Driven Personalization

Harness the power of AI to deliver personalized experiences and tailored recommendations to your users.

Hands-Off Automation

Once set, YouneeqAI operates seamlessly in the background, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Optimized for Anonymity

Our technology is specifically designed to enhance the experience for anonymous visitors, turning potential into profit.

Real-Time Optimization

With automated testing, YouneeqAI ensures your site is continually optimized in real-time, maximizing user engagement and conversions.

Simple Integration

Our easy overlays adapt to any site, ensuring effortless integration.

Versatile Content Adaptability

Whether it’s text, image, or video, if it can be indexed, YouneeqAI can handle it and leverage it to enhance user experiences.

Tailored Offers & CTAs

Personalize your offers and calls to action, ensuring every user feels like your site was designed just for them.

Embedded (ISV) - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

Let’s get this demo started

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