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Established in 2014, YouneeqAI is an AI-driven, cookieless personalization platform that revolutionizes the digital experiences for online businesses, boosting engagement and revenue. We use advanced AI and big data technology to analyze user behavior, content, and products in real-time, delivering targeted recommendations that heighten user engagement.

Our cookieless personalization approach ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA, and uniquely positions us in a market moving away from third-party cookies. With our industry-leading algorithms, we've been operating cookieless since inception.

YouneeqAI's platform is a vital tool for businesses seeking to enhance digital campaign effectiveness and their bottom line in an era where superior customer experience is key.

Proven Results with YouneeqAI

YouneeqAI significantly increases eCommerce conversion rates, bridging the anonymous gap while ensuring compliance with global privacy laws. We have proven results with eCommerce and digital businesses of all sizes including Shopify stores to a Global 100 brand.

AI Personalization Empowered by YouneeqAI

Elevate your customer experience with YouneeqAI's website personalization and recommendation capabilities. Extend the power of our AI personalization beyond websites to mobile platforms, video content, in-store experiences, point-of-sale systems, customer service interactions, and audio and voice interfaces. With YouneeqAI, create a seamlessly personalized customer journey across multiple touchpoints.

Championing Customer Experience with YouneeqAI

Unlock optimum customer engagement with YouneeqAI, a revolutionary AI solution. We've simplified website personalization, delivering targeted content that supercharges engagement and boosts revenue. With seamless integration and no need for complex CRM data, YouneeqAI is an asset for businesses across the board.

With YouneeqAI's automated personalization, your business stands strong in any B2B or B2C scenario. Leveraging AI, we ensure you confidently navigate the customer experience battleground, making YouneeqAI your competitive advantage.



  • 10-50% Increased Engagement (Clicks, Product Views)
  • 7-25% Higher Conversion (Email Signup, Add To Cart, Account Creation, Loyalty Signup)
  • 5-15% More Revenue (Revenue, Revenue Per User)

Content Marketing

  • 10–100% Increased Engagement (Clicks, Pageviews, Time On Site)
  • 10-50% Higher Conversion (Articles Or Products Viewed, Calls To Action, Downloads, Contact Me)
  • 25-100% More Monetization Opportunities  (Store Locator, Retailer Link, Quote Request)


  • 50–500% Increased Engagement (Clicks, Pageviews, Time On Site)
  • 25-200% Higher Conversion (Articles Viewed, Calls To Action)
  • 25-300% More Revenue (Ad Exchange Revenue, Native Revenue, Marketplace Revenue)


YouneeqAI’s mission is to transform personalized digital experiences for businesses through innovative technology, driving engagement and revenue growth, while ensuring safety, privacy and security.

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